I was escaping the heat in the garden the other day when a strange bird landed on a branch near me.

I sent the picture to mum because she’s good at knowing these sorts of things.

The bird is a female koel also known as the rain bird, they are the ones you here very loud in the early evenings.

My mum, via Google Hangouts

That makes sense. I’ve been noticing a lot of different bird calls lately, but particularly the warbling whistles as I’m heading to bed dinner it’s often at 3 a.m when there’s no other sounds.

So it was nice to spot the bird responsible. There’s one whistling outside my window now.

I’m very happy with how well the yard is coming along, but especially happy with the quality of Wi-Fi. It’s fast enough to stream games when it’s too hot sharing the office with my computer.

Ringtail Possum

I’ve had a number of possums make a home in my window over the past 5 months. I’ve managed to chase off a couple, but this little guy is determined.

These little dudes eat leaves, flowers, fruit and sap, but according to Wikipedia they also eat their own poop which could be why he’s kept the windowsill so clean compared to the other possum species 🤔

I set up a livestream on Twitch yesterday so everyone could watch him sleep and scritch and pull the occasional NSFW poses.

As cute as he is, I’ve got some bird spikes on order from Bunnings so hopefully that will discourage and future possum friends from sleeping here during the day.